“When we stumbled across the lovely Sarah Powell on Instagram we thought to ourselves, we like the look of her ... she’s smiley! What we didn’t know at that point was what a perfect fit for us and our wedding Sarah would turn out to be. It was like having a really good friend stand up and tell our story in front of our nearest and dearest.

“Sarah came to meet with us, so as to find out about us as a pair, as well as individually, and also took the time to note the little nuances that make us tick as a couple. She sat and listened as we told our tale, whilst we giggled and laughed continuously, and patiently gave us space to relive the times from when we first met, so as to build an understanding of our relationship and create a ceremony which was truly unique to us.

“Sarah made us feel truly relaxed before the wedding day as we had complete confidence in her. She was calm leading up to and during the ceremony and carried us and our guests through, what turned out to be, an emotional rollercoaster.

If we could do it all again, we wouldn’t hesitate in asking Sarah to be part of our special day. She is a wonderful, amazing, beautiful person and we believe that everyone’s ceremony would benefit from having Sarah as part of it.”

“Sarah was the celebrant at my son Mark and Hayley's "boogaloo" wedding.   People thought that she was a personal friend of them both because she had so much information about them and so friendly  which drew everyone in listening to her. Sarah made their day I wouldn't hesitate in recommending her to take part in your wedding celebrations.” -Mother of the Groom

Hayley and Mark wedding-227.jpg

Mark and HaYley, June 2018

“We would like to thank Sarah for all the hard work she put into writing our script beforehand and conducting the ceremony. We could see how much effort went into it.

She helped us to create “Our story” which was very personal to us. It flowed well throughout and was full of love. She made the whole ceremony feel so relaxed but also made it fun and humorous whilst keeping the love and romance of the day at the forefront. Everyone commented on how wonderful the ceremony was.

Sarah told our story so well and made everyone attending the day feel like they were a part of something very special: our wedding day

We couldn’t of wished for a better person to conduct our ceremony

She was so professional but most importantly, she has a fun, warm personality that not only made the experience easy and relaxed for us but also made us feel at ease and any nervousness we felt disappear. Sarah gave our ceremony a fun, laid back  and romantic feel to the day, which is exactly what we wanted.

We cannot thank you enough for making our day so perfect.”


Claire and Kevin, July 2018

“Sarah is extraordinary.  

Her sensitive and careful approach to our lives made her a supreme choice to host our wedding service.

Ms. Powell demonstrates the unique ability to get to the root of a relationship and highlight what makes this lifelong bond special, and present it in an entertaining and engaging way.

She took the time to get to know us.  Her inquisitive nature brought up some magnificent questions and ideas I would have never even thought of.  What most stood out was her keen ability to make the wedding truly 'ours'.  Her level of detail and personalisation was truly next level.

She represented a slice of who we were as a couple in not only her service, but her appearance, her attitude and her delivery.  During the ceremony (and looking back) it felt as if a sister, or a lifelong friend, was standing by our side and walking us through one of the best days of our lives. 

Whilst I might have been having an internal panic attack from the rush of it all, she was standing with us, in her power and friendship in a way I can never forget.  Her ability to make one feel so comfortable and rock steady is magnificent and should not be taken for granted.  Her polish, her poise and her humour could not have been more ideal for us.  

I can recall even on the hour prior to the ceremony, I was throwing changes at her in the edit, the order and the entire script (like a polished star, as if she has been doing this her whole life; it made no difference, and she alleviated all the stress by acting completely un-phased, even though I'm sure she wasn't - how could she be?!)  

Sarah's professionalism, kindness, compassion and service helped define a day I will forever look back on and see as perfect.  

After our kindred and blessed experience together, Ms. Powell is forever a family friend, and we will always see her as a part of our new family.”


Doug and Simon, August 2018