“She is a wonderful, amazing, beautiful person and we believe that everyone’s ceremony would benefit from having Sarah as part of it”

Mark and Hayley, June 2018

If you want a wedding ceremony that is full of fun, joy, tears and laughter, what a treat to have you!

I create ceremonies that are custom made, full of personality and completely authentic to the two of you and your amazing story.

Let’s get you married exactly as you want.

The joy of a Humanist ceremony is you have total ownership and it can include everything you want. All of the words, readings, songs, symbolic gestures and anything else you can think of are chosen by you to make it really special.

I know this can be a bit daunting at first if you’re not absolutely sure what you want but fear not, we will work closely together on creating something that is as fun, creative, intimate and formal as you want.

I also understand it's a new process for you and most couples I work with are the same so please don't worry I'm happy to go through everything and answer any questions you might have.

Weddings are the most fun, joyful and loving of occasions and it would be an honour to be able to celebrate your love by creating a ceremony and space that is comfortable, confident and above all, happy.

Current price: £1000

“What most stood out was her keen ability to make the wedding truly 'ours'.  Her level of detail and personalisation was truly next level”

- Doug and Simon, August 2018

So how does it work?

First of all we have an initial chat on Skype or Facetime. I can answer any questions you might have, we can chat through things and then you can see if I’m what you’re looking for.

Around 12 weeks before the big day we meet for The Big Chat. This is where I find out your story and all about the two of you before we begin to put together your ceremony and we drink a lot of tea together.

We can speak about readings, any symbolic gestures or extra touches you want to include as well as anyone who wants to speak or contribute to your ceremony. I provide extra help and documents to support you through this part where needed and can also help you to write your vows, keeping them secret from each other for maximum impact on the day.

After this I should have loads of joyful information to put together a first draft of your ceremony, which we redraft as many times as we need to make sure you have exactly what you want. It’s really important you know there won’t be anything in the ceremony you haven’t seen before.

Once I’m all yours (I never book two couples for the same day) we keep in touch, I’m always here on email to chat through anything you might need.

Then of course on the day I will come and deliver your fabulous ceremony!

I will coordinate with your venue, musicians, photographer and any wedding planners to make sure everything runs perfectly as well as your bridal party and any readers so everyone knows exactly what they’re doing.

And how much does it cost?

Current pricing is £1,000 (please note VAT does not apply)

Sounds good? Me too!

“If we could do it all again, we wouldn’t hesitate in asking Sarah to be part of our special day”

Mark and Hayley, June 2018

I’ve always loved how much thought and love goes into every detail of a wedding. I love the moments that have been created to celebrate who you are as a couple as well as delighting and surprising your guests. I believe a wedding ceremony should be exactly the same. No two weddings are the same so no two ceremonies should be.

I want to design something entirely bespoke, special and a little bit different just for you. And I believe we have fun while we do it.

If this sounds like just your sort of thing, please do get in touch, it would be lovely to hear from you.